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Quartet in Space was a very utilitarian name for a collaborative project in 2009-2010 comprised of 5 members of traxinspace at the time; Gilgamesh (keys/synth), clones (bass), Black Tiger (drums), Dj Kujata (myself, guitar) and with production assistance by GMO. We sent layers from two different cities in finland to france and two cities in the US as well. Out of five completed works we also did a version of Waltz of the Zodiac, and I figured I could definately share this one. Please give it a listen.


Part of digging around in what’s been overlooked is you come across things that are very much alive.

This is a version of ‘beholder’ that I collaborated with another great artist, Weikn. I didnt want to release it since we lost touch but I feel like just listening shouldn’t be something overlooked. Wishing the best as always.



Well folks ive updated the electronic music project ‘Shift’ which only has one song left to edit. You can check that out with this link here.

Also check out the post below, TsuNOMi. Cheers!


A set of three songs intended for release on before it had first closed. Thanks to clones and gmo for including me in their experiments on SoOn and NoM. Though its been a while since we’ve all spoke, I’ll always be wishing the best to them and am sure their creativity continues to thrive.

Harmonics Xploration

Escape Yourself!